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Feeling chilly? Harrison Ford's garish scarf fails to distract from Rachel McAdams' barely-there dress at Morning Glory premiere




Chilly: Harrison Ford wore a bright turquoise scarf tied in a rather odd fashion and a check suit at the UK premiere of Morning Glory - but all eyes were on Rachel McAdams

He's famed for his rakish hat as Indiana Jones - but Harrison Ford looked like he was trying a bit too hard to be fashionable at the premiere of his latest movie in London tonight.

The 68-year-old Hollywood mega star appeared to be trying to ape Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini's Italian ways with a neckerchief with the strange way he's tied his lurid turquoise scarf - but he didn't quite manage to pull off the look.

To be fair to the ageing heart-throb however, it didn't really matter what he wore, as most eyes were on his 32-year-old co-star Rachel Adams, who's attire was exceptionally skimpy for a winter red carpet bash in Leicester Square.

Her skimpy print dress barely covered her assets but was luckily kept firmly in place with toupé tape on a rather windy evening in London.

The pair were braving a rather blustery night in the capital to launch their new movie Morning Glory in the UK.

At least this time, Harrison didn't make the mistake of treading on his co-star's dress as he did at the film's premiere in Berlin on Monday - it's unlikely the flimsy frock would have stayed on.

Film fans: Gillian McKeith and daughter Skylar and rapper Aggro Santos have swapped the jungle of I'm A Celebrity for red carpet events in London

And he soon removed his turquoise neck warmer as soon as he'd escaped the wintry weather and got inside the Empire cinema.

Apart from Harrison and Rachel however, there were few A-listers to seen in Leicester Square.

Scrubbed up nicely: Dancing On Ice star Kerry Katona injected some glamour into the proceedings, along with Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs

Sharp dressers: Peter Andre and Chantelle Houghton favoured black jacket attire

Other stars on the red carpet last night included Peter Andre - without girlfriend Elen Rivas - Kerry Katona looking stunning in a little black dress, Trinny Woodall, I'm A Celebrity stars Aggro Santos, Alison Hammond and Gillian McKeith, and The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs.

Morning Glory tells the story of an energetic television producer who is given the task of trying to revive a morning television show with two warring co-hosts (played by Ford and Diane Keaton).

And McAdams, who plays the producer, admitted she found it daunting starring alongside Ford, who is a childhood hero of hers.

Whoops! Harrison Ford accidentally trod on Rachel McAdams' flowing red gown at the premiere of their new film Morning Glory in Berlin, Germany, on Monday

Putting his foot in it: McAdams laughed off the accident, but Ford looked horrified when he realised what had happened

She said recently: 'I grew up watching Harrison. I loved, loved Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was my favourite, hands down, movie growing up. I wore out the tape. It was surreal working with him; I had to pinch myself.

'I never mentioned it to him though. I didn't want to gush all over him. I used it in the film, though. I channeled it into that scene where Becky gushes over Mike Pomeroy. So my childhood obsession turned out to be very helpful.'

Co-stars: McAdams plays a television producer in the film, who is given the task of reviving a breakfast television show hosted by Ford and Keaton's characters

But while McAdams hasn't been in the industry as long as Ford, the actor has more than a little admiration for his co-star.

He said: 'The fun of it is playing with Rachel, not against her, even though the characters are contrived to be in opposition.

'The pleasure is working with somebody who has such a facility of comedy but yet is so emotionally available. She brings a kind of depth to the comedy that’s rare, and in this case really necessary and appropriate. So I found it a real pleasure to work with her.'

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