Saturday, January 8, 2011


Having spent two years studying music and rehearsing after her initial debut in 2008, JOO returned with her comeback track, “Bad Guy,” on this week’s Music Core.

Despite it being her first comeback after her two year hiatus, the solo singer has already been attracting immense attention for her powerful vocals and the song’s impressive string arrangement that was produced by hit composers, E-TRIBE.

Having made her first comeback performance on Music Bank yesterday, JOO was reported to have cried in the waiting room after her stage. She stated, “My comeback still feels like a dream. Standing on stage after such a long while has made me so excited. I’m able to sing a lot more naturally than I did before. Please look forward to more of my stages, and don’t be afraid to give me your criticisms as well. I’ll become a singer that works to converse with my fans.”

source: allkpop [endtext]

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