Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kim Kardashian shows off her newly svelte figure after taking TWO bootcamp classes a day




Back to her best: A skinny Kim Kardashian teeters on her sky high Louboutins as she nips out in Beverly Hills

Just a few weeks ago a repentant Kim Kardashian was regretting her overindulgence as she admitted to putting on 10lbs.

But the reality star revealed her newly slimmed down figure today after kicking herself back into shape - and taking two gruelling bootcamp classes a day.

Kim, 30, has been attending the exhausting 'Barry's Bootcamp classes' in Hollywood which 'combine drill sergeant tactics with a party atmosphere'.

She wrote on her Twitter page recently: 'Did 2 bootcamp classes yesterday, and might go for 2 today! I thought GlamSquadBTS was going to throw up!'

The hard work has obviously paid off - the difference in her figure was clear as she stepped out in Beverly Hils today.

Balancing on her sky-high ruffled Louboutins, she looked slim and trendy in artfully torn designer jeans, her waist highlighted by a black vest with a white shirt over the top.

In great shape: Kim has been working out constantly since Christmas, after admitting she had let her exercise routine slide on her move to New York

It was a different story at Christmas when Kim admitted that she stopped working out when she visited Europe for a holiday with her mother at the end of the summer before continuing her lack of inactivity as she filmed Kim And Kourtney Take New York.

'I pride myself on working out and being very good,' she said to TV chef Rachel Ray.
'But when I went to New York, I went to Europe for three weeks before that and then here for six weeks, I went to the gym just one time – I'm humiliated to say that.'
'I gained like 10lbs and of course all over the internet it's like, 'I'm pregnant'.'

source: dailymail [endtext]

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