Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spot the trout pout! Lindsay Lohan's lips look plumper than usual as she heads for the gym

Getting lippy: Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity to have been snapped with noticeably puffier lips

Lindsay Lohan has been enjoying a largely trouble-free life since she was released from rehab at the start of this year.

But there was something different about her when she headed to the gym in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

For the 24-year-old seemed to be sporting noticeably plumper lips than she has done lately as she arrived for one of her regular workouts.

Whether or not her trout pout was the result of carefully applied lip gloss or something else entirely was unclear - although the actress did not seem to be wearing a lot of make-up for her trip to the gym.

She did however look stylish for her workout, dressed in black leggings and a fitted blue T-shirt bearing the slogan 'True Beauty is Within'.

And her noticeably puffy pout remained noticeable as she went about her business around the city following her workout.

Ready for the gym: The actress looked stylish in her workout gear of slogan T-shirt and leggings

Lindsay attempted to keep a low profile as she shopped at the Los Angeles branch of department store Barney's New York.

And later on she went for a night on the town in Venice Beach, where she has recently rented a new home.

Lindsay - now dressed in black jeans, a white top and a black and white jacket, joined a group of friends for an evening at trendy Hal's Bar and Grill.

Still puffy: Despite keeping her head down, Lindsay's pout was still visible as she left Barney's department store in Los Angeles

She reportedly left there around 11.30 - but instead of going on to another party appeared to opt for an early night, leaving through the back of the restaurant and getting into a friend's car before heading home.

After leaving rehab, Lindsay kicked off 2011 by renting a luxury new home in Venice Beach at a cost of just under $7,100 a month.

The house is situated next door to the home of her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Friends' night out: Lindsay changed into black jeans and a black and white jacket for her evening out on the town with a group of pals

Early night: The actress left Hal's Bar and Diner, where she had been with her friends, through the back door well before midnight

And although initially the DJ was not pleased at the news, she appeared to have relented last week when she and Lindsay were seen out at dinner together.

There was some speculation the actress might cancel the planned move, after it emerged that her new home was next door to her ex-girlfriend.

But Lindsay denied the reports, telling reporters emphatically 'no!'.

The pair previously lived in West Hollywood, in separate apartments in the same building.

Lindsay Lohan Gets a Police Escort from Hal's Bar & Grill

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