Monday, January 31, 2011

Yamashita Tomohisa starts his first solo Asia tour


NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa just started his solo Asia tour, “TOMOHISA YAMASHITA ASIA TOUR 2011 Super Good Super Bad“, at HITEC Star Hall in Hong Kong.

Yamashita appeared on stage, receiving enthusiastic “Yamapi!” calls, and he performed “Daite Senorita“, “Fever to Future“, and “Seishun Amigo” as the opening songs, and grabbed the hearts of 4,000 fans. When Yamashita performed “Seishun Amigo” on the stage, while being surrounded by the audience on all side, almost all of those in attendance were dancing to the song with Yamashita.

A total 25 songs were performed during the live concert, and Yamashita said to the fans, “I knew you guys (fans in Hong Kong) were very powerful, but it was just way beyond my expectations. I will study the language more, and I want to sing Hong Kong songs next time!”

Although he has held a live concert with NEWS in Taiwan back in 2007, this was his first solo concert overseas. During the concert, Yamashita gave handshakes on his own accord, and he even went down to the auditorium.

The live concerts in Hong Kong were held on January 29th and the 30th, so Yamashita said that he watched the Japan’s performance in the Asian Cup Final at the hotel room after the concert. Since he is in good contact with one of the Japanese team’s player, Nagatomo Yuto, who had the game winning assist, Yamashita gave congratulations to his friend, saying, “Nagatomo was amazing. He encouraged me. Congratulations.”

It’s been a whole nine years since any Johnny’s Entertainment artist has held a live concert in Hong Kong, however, it seems like the popularity of JE boys, including Yamashita, is still quite high. Since the tickets for the two live concerts in Hong Kong were sold out in an hour, there were two more additional stages. Thus, Yamashita held four stages in total in two days.

With this Asia tour, Yamashita will also visit Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand, apart from the five locations in Japan. He said, “I would like to dwindle the distances in this world. I would hope I could make people in other countries think, ‘Idols in Japan are pretty fun.’”

source: tokyohive [endtext]

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