Friday, February 4, 2011

Hayden Panettiere surfaces in L.A. oblivious to fury over Meredith Kercher murder movie




Not a care in the world: Hayden Panettiere is all smiles out at the shops seemingly oblivious to the fury that is mounting over her new Meredith Kercher murder movie

She plays Amanda Knox in the controversial new TV movie depicting the murder of Meredith Kercher.

But as fury over the graphic scenes rise - with Miss Kercher's father John branding scenes as 'absolutely horrific' - Hayden Panettiere seemed oblivious to the outrage as she shopped in L.A. yesterday.

Dressed in a causal outfit of grey jeans an oversized nude jumper teamed with Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots the 21-year-old actress breezed into a Burberry shop to pick up a few items.

Foxy Knoxy: Hayden, who plays Amand Knoxx posed for pictures as she entered the Burberry shop

And instead of keeping a low profile following the anger that has surfaced regarding her new film, Hayden happily posed for pictures outside the boutique.

Later in the afternoon the Hereos star ditched her UGGs and popped on a pair of beige wedged boots for a quick to a coffee shop.

Hayden grabbed a large caffeine drink from the Beverly Glen Mall and headed for home.

Great mood: Hayden seemed pleased as punch as she took home her shopping bags from Burberry

But as the actress was enjoying her lazy day in L.A. anger at her new movie which depicts the 2007 murder of the British student has been growing.

In graphic scenes that have proved distressing for the family and friends of the student, Amanda Fernando Stevens, who plays Miss Kercher, is seen pinned to the floor by the three people convicted of her murder.

Foxy Knoxy: Hayden, who plays Amand Knoxx posed for pictures as she entered the Burberry shop

Wardrobe change: Hayden swapped her UGGs for her boots before grabbing a coffee

Miss Kercher's father John said the images in the U.S. film are 'absolutely horrific'.

'It's so awful what these film people have done. Your imagination runs riot as it is about what happened but to actually see it like this is very different and very distressing,' he said.

source: dailymail [endtext]

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