Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Katie Holmes' controversial Kennedy mini-series finally gets picked up by another network




Set to air: Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear's axed History Channel mini-series, The Kennedys, has been picked up by cable's ReelzChannel

It was axed from the History Channel under a cloud of controversy, but The Kennedys miniseries has found a home on a U.S. cable TV station.

Fledgling network ReelzChannel announced today that the multimillion-dollar production will begin its run on April 3.

The 8-part miniseries, a portrait of the Kennedy family which stars Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes as John and Jackie, was produced by the History Channel. But it was abruptly yanked from the upcoming lineup last month.

Disappointed: Holmes, pictured here filiming scenes as Jackie Kennedy, was said to be particularly upset over the controversy surrounding the TV series

That network said the project, which , did not fit the 'History brand'. Showtime subsequently passed on the film. ReelzChannel is available in 60 million homes.

The real-life Kennedy family and associates were said to be unhappy about the series, claiming its scripts were inaccurate and overly critical.

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of JFK and Jackie Kennedy, reportedly led the bid to axe the series.

The move came after a leaked script was described as ‘vindictive’ and ‘malicious’ by former Kennedy aide Theodore Sorensen.

The series is said to touch on the former president’s infidelities and the strain in his marriage.

Legacy: Caroline gives her father a kiss as mother Jacqueline looks on in this 1959 photo

But the script was later revised and was vetted by prominent historians for accuracy.
Canadian media reported at the time that family members were especially upset at the script's portrayal of the former president as a philanderer, and of his father Joe as power hungry.

Executive producer Michael Prupas insisted that series is ‘meticulously researched’ and historically accurate.

‘It's the truth,’ he said. ‘The goal of the script from the very beginning was to tell the family story of the Kennedys.

'There's much written evidence of what went on in that family. They truly were a great family that has a Shakespearian story arc that resulted in many tragedies and many great successes.’

Katie Holmes, a lifelong fan of Jackie Kennedy, was said to have been particularly upset over the controversy.
The series will be broadcast in Canada on March 6 and will air in other foreign countries.

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