Monday, February 7, 2011

We want to be just like you, Daddy! Matthew McConaughey's adorable children mimic his work-out moves



Family fitness: Matthew McConaughey and his children, Levi, two, and Vida, one, enjoyed an energetic weekend in Malibu, California

Matthew McConaughey is known for being a work out fiend who loves to show off his sculpted body to prove it.

And it appears that he is already teaching his two young children about the benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Levi, two, and one-year-old Vida looked on intently while their father worked out in Malibu, California at the weekend and even struck similar poses to their father.

Little Vida watched her dad doing squats and then adorably decided to crouch down to copy the thigh-strengthening moves.

Brother Levi, independent as ever, decided to do his own thing and get into the star jack position while keeping his eye on what his father and sister were doing.

Bundled up against the sea breeze coming from along the coast, the stylish toddler wore grey and orange work out pants, a green padded jacket and a brown and green woolly hat.

Drop and give me twenty! McConaughey's two young children supervised his push-ups

His sister, who celebrated her first birthday last week, wore pink and red boots and a cream hooded cardigan.

McConaughey then got his hands dirty by getting on the floor to do some push ups as his impressed children looked on in amazement.

Levi appeared to be acting as his father's trainer and stood over him as if putting him through his paces.

He clutched a bag of snacks which he kept hold of as a treat for the actor when he was finished doing his reps.

The outdoor-living family enjoyed their fitness inspired afternoon but earlier in the day took things a bit easier.

On the run: The actor also pushed his children along in a double stroller as he got in his morning run

Levi and Vida relaxed in their double stroller while their dad pushed them along Zuma Beach in Malibu for his seaside jog.

The 41-year-old actor kept covered up in a patriotic red white and blue tracksuit top as he worked up a sweat in the California sunshine.

There was no sign of Levi and Vida's mother Camila Alves, 29, Matthew's partner of four years.

But the trio seemed content to have some quality father-children time alone at the beach.

The actor recently opened up about his domestic life with Brazilian native Camila, and revealed that he loves being in the kitchen.

Appearing alongside Food Network chef Guy Fieri in December, McConaughey explained that his father taught him to love cooking.

He said: 'It started from my father. He didn’t cook a lot but when he did... He loved to host, that was his thing.'

And he explained that his father, who grew up in Louisiana, had a signature dish that would take days to prepare.

'There’d be this bad*ss pot of seafood gumbo,' he said.
Matthew will also be cooking on the big screen when his next film The Lincoln Lawyer, hits theatres on March 18.

The film co-starring Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillippe is about a lawyer who conducts his business deals from the back of a Lincoln town car while representing a high-profile client in Beverly Hills.

The Lincoln Lawyer - Trailer [HD]

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