Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a handful: Adam Sandler's children run amok as actor receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


Running amok: Sadie and Sunny jump around on Sandler's star, number 2,431 on the famous Walk of Fame

Adam Sandler has his hands well and truly full as he attempts to control his two little daughters as he receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 44-year-old star was joined by his wife Jackie Titone and their girls Sadie, aged four, and two-year-old Sunny.

But the siblings were clearly in no mood to let their father take all the attention after they both grabbed the microphone, interrupting his speech by proclaiming: 'We love you daddy.'

Cute: Adam Sandler has the limelight taken away from him by his two-year-old daughter Sunny as he receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

At another point Adam was seen holding on to Sunny as Sadie jumped up and down on his star - number 2,431 on the famous Walk of Fame.

Adam will next be seen in the film Just Go With it, starring alongside Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker and rom-com favourite Jennifer Aniston.

Meanwhile the actor has been making light of recent internet death hoax reports.
During an appearance on U.S. chat show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Adam debunked reports that he had died from a snowboarding accident in Switzerland.

'We love you daddy': His two daughters interrupted his speech with a cute message for their father

He told the audience: 'On the Internet they said I was dead.
'I don't know how that works, I kept getting texts all day long saying, "Are u dead?"'

The funnyman added: 'I looked it up and it said I died in Swizerland in a snowboarding accident.'

But Sandler promised that when he does die, he'll be passing away in the US.
He said: 'Just for the future don't believe that stuff. If I do die it will be in America and I won't be on a snowboard, I will either be on a toilet or hanging from a belt naked.'

Happy family: The actor was also joined by his wife Jackie Titone

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